In 1947, the nation of Israel was artificially created by the world's ruling elite. It was brought into existence due to the World War II holocaust, which the ruling elite implemented. Israel's recent history is intentionally complex so that rational discussion of it can confuse the issue of what is occurring within its borders today.

In effect, Israel is in a state of civil war. Under the current circumstances, all the people within the national borders of Israel are, in fact, the responsibility of the Israeli government. The Palestinians are opposed to continued subjugation to Israeli rule, and the Israeli government continues to subject them to absolute control under its power.

The Israeli government is responsible for everything that happens to its constituents. It has proven itself to be, at best, a neglectful parent of the Palestinians. But, in reality, Israel has been an abusive, murderous parent. This cannot be allowed.

Today, the ruling elite have used the Palestinians as fodder to distract people from the world economic crisis, by focusing on either peace in the Middle East or biblical style war. Either will fit into the schemes of the ruling elite. War or peace will suffice. Distraction is the aim.

Israel has had three generations to become a civilized nation. What is the current status of the country? It is mired in civil war, which it “solves” by walling off sections of the country, laying siege on its citizens, and sporadically massacring Palestinians when it suits the Israeli government to do so. The culmination of six decades of Israeli governance boils down to apartheid and genocide.

President Obama utilized Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King to win the White House. Lincoln freed the slaves because the law allowing slavery was morally wrong. To do this he had to break some rules whilst ignoring the American Constitution. To Lincoln, freeing the slaves was more important than following the rule of law. To paraphrase philosopher Henry David Thoreau from his essay, On Civil Disobedience, when a law is as morally reprehensible as slavery, then the law must be broken. That is what Lincoln did. Martin Luther King followed Thoreau, as did Mahatma Gandhi. These people believed in civil disobedience to right what is wrong. King sought to eliminate segregation, which amounted to apartheid in America. Obama jumped on their bandwagons, indicating that he will follow those who fought for civil rights.

But Obama continues to follow the rule of law that allows Israel to do what it wants to the Palestinians within its borders. To uphold apartheid within its borders, Israel committed another horrendous massacre of Palestinians. It was carried out until the eve of Obama's inauguration! This was by design. Does Obama condemn Israel? Does he even reprove Israel? No. Obama wants to negotiate for peace in the Middle East by forcing everyone in the region to recognize Israel's right to segregate, bully, abuse and slaughter Palestinians. Hence, the rule of law is morally repugnant in this instance!

Israel has clearly demonstrated that it will govern inhumanely towards the Palestinians. The solution to the Israeli civil war is to ostracize the nation and politically disassemble it. Since Israel has failed miserably to honour even the most basic of human needs and rights for its Palestinian citizens, it has forfeited its right to be a nation. It was artificially assembled and it can be disassembled when it no longer works. Thus, Israel should be DISMANTLED.

Amongst those nations that watched the massacre of Palestinians was Syria, whose government has been furtively supporting Israel and the United States for many years. Its façade has fallen. Its people support the Palestinians; the government does not.

In the midst of the upheaval in the Middle East, the world leaders are scrambling to reverse the global economic downturn. If the truth be told, most world leaders are much more concerned about the economy than the most recent slaughtering of a thousand plus Palestinians.

The ruling elite planned the global recession to advance their plan of One World Government. Now they are offering “lifeline” bailouts to failing banks and other companies. Many of these bailout offers are really nothing but disguised hostile takeover bids. Often the recipients are forced to give high-yield preferred stock for the bailouts, which dilute the common shares and could ultimately cause their common stock to be valueless. Clearly, the “magnanimous” bailouts are not life preservers at all, but instead are anchors designed to look like buoys. That is, the governments could well be procuring companies for virtually nothing. Further, the governments will borrow the money to offer these bailouts, so the governments plan on excessively taxing future generations for this elaborate and nefarious plan. When the ruling elite fully implements their plan, governments, companies and banks will all be under the same master.

In another vein, the ruling elite are rapidly moving to various strategic places to cast their watchful eyes over their chessboard. One strategic point is the shipping route through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which will soon be watched from Vancouver Island in the north and the Olympic Peninsula in the south. Brisbane, Australia, is a blooming New World Order port. Infiltration is planned into Malaysia through Kuala Lumpur and another region.

Life under the One World Government will be like mass slavery. Soon, those who write against the New World Order will only be those whom the ruling elite allow. Lies, threats, blackmail, bribes, frame-ups and other coercion will be used to silence those who try to publish truthful information about the One World Government.

As people lose their liberty more and more, truth will be dispensed less and less. The truth should be put out now whilst it still can be done. The phrase circulating now that “We are one” can mean many things.

W.B.W. Light-Rider
January 26th, 2009