Australia is under siege! The ruling elite have ordered the siege as they trial their plans for full implementation of the New World Order. The aboriginal communities have already tasted the bitterness of martial law. The excuse given was that there was widespread child abuse and sexual molestation occurring in the indigenous communities. Not everyone sees through the lies - yet!

The main thrust of the NWO's current onslaught has been to tear down world commerce and bring about the global economic recession. The ruling elite's answer to the recession has been to urgently pursue economic rescue packages that will put much of the world into hopeless debt. To develop a sense of urgency to act, the ruling elite are using scare tactics. People are being frightened into believing that delay in acting will plunge the world into economic ruin and make governments vulnerable to terrorist takeovers.

Most of the world leaders who have pushed through these packages are ignorant of the ruling elite's devious plan to have the packages passed, put the world into debt, then crash the finances into full-blown depression. Most of the world leaders are oblivious to the dastardly plans of the ruling elite. Hence, some blindly follow the orders of the ruling elite; others are forced to comply with them; still others are programmed to step in line. After the world falls into depression, the ruling elite will step up their "stealing" and destroying of properties and companies. This has been done many times in the past, but this time it will be done on a mammoth scale.

Australia, like the other "good" NWO participants, is pursuing a huge, debt-laden financial rescue package that will do little or nothing to help the local economy, but much to boost the ruling elite's plan. The widely stated purpose of the rescue package is to preserve Australian jobs and ward off the recession. The hidden agenda behind the Australian and similar rescue packages is to put the nations into deep debt, followed by depression, which will ultimately discourage entire nations. Many will succumb to the NWO plans as they will be so confused, helpless and in a state of hopeless despair that they will accept nearly any type of conditions. Unfortunately, the minority voice that sees through the ruling elite's plan will not be heard.

Over the years, Australia has already eliminated most of the smaller shires and virtually dismantled local governments. People have less and less of a voice in what is occurring. The ruling elite have effectively programmed their lackeys to shout the praises of fluoridating drinking water despite the overwhelming evidence that fluoride is a dangerous and potentially lethal toxin. Forced fluoridation is only the beginning. Once the people have been brainwashed to accept fluoride, they will accept any kind of medications or toxins in their water.

Whilst there is still massive resistance to re-cycling sewage into drinking water in Australia, the government ignores the people's protests. In the NWO, people will have no voice. The ruling elite are setting the stage so they can release dangerous bacterial diseases via supposed "accidents" that allow raw sewage into the drinking water. There will be plenty of "lone gunman" and "mad scientist" scapegoats to point fingers at when these planned disasters occur, and each event will be followed by drawn out investigations to develop "safeguards" to assure such "accidents" do not recur.

The ruling elite are shutting down the Australian economy to drive out the hope of its people. Whilst doing this, they are busy in other areas, destroying democracy, decimating communities and regions, and working away at the Australian psyche. Their timing is critical.

The northern two-thirds of Queensland is flood affected and the authorities are very slow to aid the region. The southern region of Victoria has been "firebombed", and the authorities are angering people with illogical and inconsistent messages. So much of the country is suffering, and so little is being done by the government, even though it gives the appearance of assisting the victims. The people of Australia have opened their hearts to the fire and flood ravaged areas, but there is only so much that Australians can give, and as the ruling elite keeps hitting and hitting at the nation with one disaster after another, the hearts of the Australians will eventually despair. This is by design. The Australian people are being systematically decimated by the ruling elite. They are the target.

The unprecedented floods of 2009 in Far North Queensland were unleashed on Australia by the ruling elite. Contrary to popular belief, the ruling elite can control many aspects of the weather, and conveniently blame it on global warming. Almost simultaneously, after an extended, very suspicious appearing, record-breaking heat wave, Victorian forested towns were "firebombed". As a prelude to the fires and floods, the ruling elite bombed Mumbai, and conducted a massacre in Gaza, which "miraculously" halted just before America inaugurated its first Black President. The timing of these events is incredibly impeccable.

The people in the Australian bushland are hardy individuals and not easily pushed around. Just like in wartime evacuations, these bush people are being herded off their homelands by fires and floods - in accordance with ruling elite plans.

Some residents of fire-torn Victoria reported seeing several suspicious characters milling around a power pole shortly before fire erupted near that power pole. To counter these reports, the media has pursued the story of a supposed sighting of a "lone motorcyclist" with a gas can tied to a black motorbike. This sounds too much like the deranged "lone gunman" in the Australian Port Arthur Massacre, and the "lone gunman" assassin of President John F. Kennedy. It is the same curry recipe with a slight variation to suit the taste of the situations.

In the recent floods and fires, the roads were cut off. Only the authorities were allowed access to the areas. This is part of the trialling programme. Those who have some understanding of the situation will suspect that the ruling elite did not pounce on these opportunities - they created them. At present, the ruling elite's favoured cover story regarding the fires is the lone motorcyclist. It would be too absurd to blame the floods on a lone seaman!

People are very angry at the firebugs. They are screaming mad and seeking revenge. But, the real firebugs are the ruling elite who are behind the recent, horrific, Victorian fires. Indeed, the ruling elite planned and implemented the firebombing in Victoria.

Where will they hit next?

W.B.W. Light-Rider
February 13th, 2009