The plan leading to One World Government calls for wider disparity between the haves and the have-nots. This is not confined to individuals only, but also to groups, communities, organizations, nation states, alliances and so on.

Class distinction is a hallmark of the ruling elite. Their plans call for masters and slaves. The privileged classes will be the masters; everyone else who survives their purges will be subservient.

The ruling elite have confused many into believing that the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission etc. are the ruling elite. In fact, there are not so many ruling elite. The members of these groups are more like high-level administrators in the ruling elites' hierarchy. They are the “higher” agents of the ruling elite, although the ruling elite have placed a few members of the real ruling class in with these various groups of people. By and large, the ruling elite do not show their faces to the rest of the world.

When the Bilderbergers gather for meetings, many suspicious eyes are focused on their conferences. However, most of the Bilderbergers have very little to say about the ruling elites' plans. They take orders from the ruling elite and are only allowed insight into the plans on a very strict “need-to-know” basis.

The world bankers are NOT the ultimate ruling elite. They are much like CEOs or top administrators of the banking industry. The ruling elite are in a hierarchy, and the bankers fit into this scheme, but they are certainly not on the top of the hierarchy.

As the Keynesian rescue plans advance, the gap between the haves and the have-nots will become more and more obvious. Many central banks have reduced interest rates to nearly zero, which greatly restricts manoeuvres by monetarist followers. Thus, Keynesians now have many world economies at their mercy. Australia is an exception, in that it still holds interest rates around 3.00 percent. Therefore, as long as Australia's interest rates do not fall too far, the country will have more flexibility in weathering the global economic crisis.

Countries in Africa and South America have already been impacted by the unjust distribution of rescue-package funding. Whole countries and regions are falling into desperate economic circumstances. This is by design of the ruling elite, who are still putting up the pretence that the Keynesian rescue packages will have long-term positive effects.

The ruling elites' plan calls for some nations to be consumed in civil wars, others to be devastated financially, and still others, like America, to foolishly waste their resources and damage their reputations. As the weaker nations fall by the wayside, they will be swallowed up by stronger neighbours, even if they are allowed to maintain the façade of national independence. The powerful nations will dominate the weaker ones. That is, the haves will enslave the have-nots.

As nation states effectively disappear, the ruling elite will begin dismantling the world's royal families, even though many of the royals are currently part of the ruling elite. By the time OWG is established, the class of ruling elite will have shrunk considerably.

The ruling elite closely monitored the G20 gathering in London. The representatives of the member nations did not reach a consensus of what plan they would follow. They only met for several hours in one day. The meeting was for show. The G20 nations were directed on what they would do to counter the economic crisis. The crisis was planned, initiated, and is now being conducted by the ruling elite. Their servants at the G20 meeting are only doing what they are supposed to do. The world leaders are being convinced to follow the ruling elites' plan by several means: the foolish are tricked; the arrogant are flattered; the impotent are ignored; the savvy ones are bribed, cajoled or coerced to comply. Regardless of where they fit into the scheme, the world leaders are not acting in the best interests of their constituents. Instead, they are acting as servants of the ruling elite.

Part of the ruling elites' plan is to use share markets as critical indicators of the health of the various economies. The share markets are being manipulated tremendously by the ruling elite. They go up and down as they are supposed to do, according to the ruling elites' plans. The manipulation, as I have said many times, is very obvious when one follows the volume traded on a given day. The ruling elite use many devices to move these market levels, and now, after a month of growth by the DOW, American president Obama avers that the recession is showing signs of ending. However, the DOW only went up because the ruling elite pushed it upward with huge capital outlays in shares to prop up the market to make it appear to be going up. Has the lesson from ENRON been forgotten so quickly? Why do the financial analysts almost completely ignore the volume of shares traded?

The answer is clear. The ruling elite do not want people to focus on the manipulation of the markets. They do not want people to know the truth. They want to maintain the illusion that the share markets represent something that they do not. The ruling elites' plan involves tricking the majority of the people into foolishly believing that the markets are honest leading indicators of the economy. There was a time when the share market movements could be relied on to assist in predicting future economic developments, but those days are long gone. The DOW is now so corrupted that it is no longer a status symbol to represent the privileged 30 companies on it. Instead, many of the companies on the index are in precarious states. This means that many of the blue chips no longer signify safe harbours for investors. The DOW now measures the level of manipulation that the gullible will fall for.

The media have not warned anybody about the share situation because they, too, are part of the ruling elites' hierarchy. Members of the ruling elite will be deceptive whenever it suits them. That is why it is often so confusing and difficult to determine who is who and what is what!

The recession will not end abruptly just because some world leader says so - unless the ruling elite order it to end. In all probability the ruling elite will maintain the recession until they crash the world share markets.

W.B.W. Light-Rider
April 15th, 2009