The sharp reality of One World Government confronts us all. Placing the whole world under a single, common government will necessarily entail imposing totalitarian rule with centralized control. This day is fast approaching.

Democracies around the world are rapidly changing for the worse. Democracy is burdensome to authoritarian rulers; those countries that still have vestiges of liberty are the most difficult to govern and control. True republics are even more problematical to authoritarian rulers. Therefore, the ruling elite have to first corrupt them into perceived democracies in order to phase out the true republics.

In many democratic countries, the voice of the people is being quashed. As long as the people go along with what rulers want, the appearance of democracy is upheld. But, when issues that are important to the plans of the ruling elite are not accepted by the people, all pretences are dropped. The ruling elite then force the issues upon the people against the will of the majority.

Examples of this can be found around the world. Every informed reader living in a supposed democratic nation will have noticed the corruption of democracy in their respective country, whether they be in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States or elsewhere.

Examples of eroding democracy in Australia include: the issue of amalgamation of shires into super shires, which has been despotically forced on people against public choice; fluoridation of drinking water has been ordered against the will of the vast majority of the people; recycling of sewage into drinking water is also being forced upon unwilling constituents. The government has completely disregarded heated protests, and has bullied the people into unwillingly accepting these three sensitive matters. The people's wishes on these issues have been trampled upon. In other words, democratic principles are often discarded in Australia.

Australia does not have an express bill of rights. Free speech is not guaranteed in the Australian Constitution. When Pope Benedict visited Australia in 2008, the government severely curtailed protests and demonstrations against his visit. This shows official disregard for free speech. There was very little the people could do, and the media helped the government in curtailing free speech.

As the creeping erosion of democracy began to snowball, one insult after another, more and more Australians began seeing through the government's heavy-handed tactics. They now suspect that the government is planning the unthinkable - taking away their liberties.

Australia will soon be one of the most stringent internet censors amongst democratic countries. The supposed primary purpose of the new filtering system is to protect the children from exploitation by paedophiles and other unsavoury sorts. Once people venture down the path of censorship, there is no limit to the abuse that can be imposed upon the people. Under the guise of protecting the populations from “terrorist activities”, mosques, churches, schools, businesses, hospitals etc. are targeted and the inhumane cruelty inflicted on people is justified in the name of fighting terrorism. Likewise, censorship can be abused to limit anything that threatens the One World Government.

The internet is systematically being obstructed, censored and debilitated. The people are being sedated via many means, including drinking water, food, medications, various types of radiation, bombardment of inaudible sounds and so on.

The erosion of liberty can be seen all around the world. When all the pieces are stacked together they clearly indict the ruling elite of the world for conspiring to eliminate freedom on the planet. Presently, there are different groups of ruling elite working together for a common goal - to strip the people of liberty. When liberties are sufficiently restricted for their purposes, a supreme ruler will emerge and head the One World Government.

The switchover will be very quick and go virtually uncontested. Laws protecting people's rights will effectively vanish in very short order as the One World Government is established. Those who resist Big Brother will often just disappear.

The approach of this gloomy state is very real. The ruling elite know they cannot hold off their economic fraud for much longer with their false promises of economic rescue. They are knowingly diverting people's attention to other issues. They know that the One World Government must be imposed quickly, before people wake up enough to become belligerent and fiercely rebellious. The ruling elite know that civil wars will erupt uncontrollably around the world if they do not move fast enough.

To buy some time, the ruling elite are again staging another Israeli-Palestinian war, which is another shameful excuse to massacre more Palestinians. The West has equipped Israel with an arsenal that dwarfs the Palestinians' inferior military weaponry. The innocent people from both sides are being victimized by this ugly conflict. The ruling elite have no conscience. Instead, they have goals for world domination.

People will be weaker tomorrow than they are today. Today they can speak out, tomorrow they will be silenced. Today, if they awaken, they can act. Tomorrow will be too late. Today they can still see, hear, feel and taste the signs of tyranny. Tomorrow they will be silenced into accepting despotic rule or be eliminated.

It is your choice - Resist or Repose.

W.B.W. Light-Rider
January 4th 2009