The ruling elite planned the global economic downturn. They timed the implementation and orchestration while controlling media coverage of it.

First, the plan involved the global economic downturn by contracting the global economy whilst denying the recession. Then the commencement of media reports about the recession began. This was followed by formal acknowledgement of the recession by world leaders. Most of the central banks were then ordered to lower interest rates towards zero. The ruling elite are involved in imposing massive financial rescue packages designed to raise all participating countriesí debt levels. However, these rescue packages are also designed to fail, which will send the world from recession into depression. This will eventually bring about a re-stabilizing of the world economy with a very wide gap between the haves and the have-nots. The One World Government will not be far behind.

The plan will succeed in part. The ruling elite will bring about the depression, but turmoil and unrest will get so far out of control that things will not be brought back into a neatly wrapped package for them. The world economy will not recover from the ruling elitesí manipulation of the economic systems the way they have planned.

Part of the plan involved manipulating the world share markets, first downward, to plunder as much wealth as possible from naÔve investors who believe in the system, followed by wild gyrations to confuse everyone and allow for more plunder from gullible investors. Eventually, the ruling elite will intentionally crash the markets to steal further wealth at the expense of the ignorant investors.

The investors are at the mercy of the ruling elite because, whilst they suspect that the markets are being openly manipulated, they hope that the manipulation is being done for the good of the world economy. They do want to believe in the system, despite all of the mounting evidence that it is being manipulated to benefit the rich and the powerful of the world. Little do they imagine that a fraud of astronomical proportions is being played out, with the investors as the stooges.

Investors rely upon financial pundits and the media to keep the world markets relatively honest, but they have misplaced their trust. For instance, the financial analysts have not alerted the investors to look at the massive volume of shares that are being traded as share markets are jerked about by ruling elite puppeteers. The movements of markets and the massive volume of shares traded should have alerted even the dullest of analysts that the markets are being manipulated. Yet, pundits are nearly silent on the issue of volume.

An example of an individual stock in which volume has exploded is Alcoa. It has gone from trading in 5 to 20 million shares daily, to daily tolls of hundreds of millions of shares in March 2009. Some of the rescued banks are now trading in billions of shares! Does it make sense that thinking investors are lining up in droves to purchase these shares?

In reality, the shares are being sold at fire-sale rates, whilst the ruling elite are abusing the resources pledged in the rescue packages to buy massive amounts of shares to create the illusion that there is an upward spike in the markets. There is a lot of money to be made in the market by speculators who see through the ruling elitesí manipulation, but there is nothing for the naÔve investor who misguidedly trusts in the marketsí integrity. In truth, the ruling elite are scamming the whole world much like a macro-scale Enron game. That is, they are manipulating the world share markets to present the illusion of greater value until the crash.

People are beginning to see through the manipulation of the markets, so the ruling elite have resurrected old standby diversions Ė raising the ire of the public at overpaid corporate executives, pointing blame at various thieves, and accusing firms of Ponzi schemes. It is despicable that some corporate executives are so overpaid, but, forget for a moment the billions scammed by the executives, and forget the billions stolen in Ponzi schemes. What about the trillions the American Federal Reserve has skinned off the people? What about the trillions in the American Social Security Ponzi scheme? Why would anyone look to the Federal Reserve or the American government for answers to the global economic downturn? Why should any nation follow America into the economic swamp it made?

This is not a matter of party politics. The ruling elite play both sides of politics. They control government and opposition to execute their plan.

The ruling elite promote and sponsor the leaders they want in place. The world leaders are where they are because: they are either too naÔve to suspect the dastardly plans of the ruling elite; they are too foolish to represent the best interests of their constituents; they are corrupt and doing the bidding of the ruling elite; they are intimidated to bow to the ruling elite; or they are part of the ruling elite.

The ruling elite are driving the planet to One World Government. When they accomplish this, all vestiges of liberty will vanish from the globe.

W.B.W. Light-Rider
March 24th, 2009