Natural and unnatural disasters abound, weather anomalies explode everywhere, economic havoc swamps the world whilst the ruling elite continue calling the shots. Many things are happening that seem to be random, isolated events, but have they just been planned to appear that way?

The ruling elite control many governments, and they are directing their governments to extinguish people's rights and liberties more and more. They use any excuse to bring about snippets of martial law for various terms.

Technology has reached a state where it can exacerbate natural occurrences and even create artificial meteorological/geological/viral events. These tools are being used to bring about extreme droughts, floods, unprecedented wind/fire/rain/hail/snow storms, earthquakes, diseases, etc., all of which can conveniently be attributed to global warming. The people caught in these epidemics and disasters feel helpless and subsequently look to their respective governments for assistance. Often, it is a case where the culprits appear to be the guardians.

Many world leaders are desperately pursuing economic rescue packages in their respective parliaments. The different groups of the ruling elite have attempted to hide the global recession for many months. Now, right on schedule, they are all exposing the economic crisis that faces the world with a united voice.

Again, with one voice, the world leaders now seek enormous economic rescue packages. Regardless of apparent differences being aired domestically and internationally, their ultimate goal remains similar - to pass huge packages that will draw the whole world into debtor's "prisons".

The leaders are now stressing the urgency to pass these rescue packages to ward off another 1930s-style Great Depression. They argue that the American President, Franklin Roosevelt, used the Keynesian economic model of huge deficit spending to pull the United States out of the Great Depression. This, they claim, can be done again on a global scale. However, the huge spending outlays by the Roosevelt government did not bring the country out of depression, it was the entry into World War II that did.

The share markets are faltering and have been propped up by the ruling elite to uphold what little value still exists in them. The ruling elite do not want to risk any more of their resources to prop up the markets, so they have called on the governments of the world to do this for them. The governments are answering the ruling elite's calls by passing enormous rescue packages, which will temporarily maintain the illusion of some remaining value in the markets. These packages are not designed to help the ordinary people keep their homes and jobs. Instead, they are rescue packages for the favoured of the ruling elite. The people who put their confidence in the ruling elite's providence will end up disappointed when their common stock becomes practically valueless.

Banks are amongst the most favoured sons and daughters of the ruling elite. Once the plans are in motion, the "rescued" banks will become greedy landpersons who grab higher rents and more properties. The common people will suffer horrendously at the hands of the ruling elite and their banks.

The rescue packages will fail miserably, which is exactly what the ruling elite anticipate. Then, the global recession will develop into global depression. The ruling elite hope that history will repeat, and just as the Great Depression of the 1930s led to World War II, the ruling elite hope that the twenty-first century economic depression will lead to World War III.

If the ruling elite have their way, things will get decidedly worse for the people. Those who understand the situation should resist the ruling elite.

W.B.W. Light-Rider
February 11th, 2009