The Divine Mother's Love


Doug South

The Mother bestows a part of Herself into everything She creates and She creates everything with Love and Truth.

It is the Love of the Mother that is responsible for Creation.

The Love is not emotional, for emotional Love exists only in systems such as Earth which are distorted by evil.  Her Love is the true infinite Power of the Divine.

On this planet, this Love manifests as beauty.  Everything beautiful is an expression of the Essence of Divine Love which glorifies the Mother and Her Love and reflects the Mother's Love back to Her.

In an undistorted universe Love is exchanged by all things.  Everyone shares that Power of Love.

The Mother's Love contains all that we could desire and more.  Feeling this Love one is filled with Life and made complete.  This Love gives a purpose to everything that one does.

The book "Revelation of the Truth" describes how sectors are created for experimentation and in order to find new ways to express the Love of the Mother.

This sector was set up to intensify the Love, but the experiment went wrong.

But ultimately Goodness will result in spite of this Celestial Error and those who will have remained faithful to the Light will be returned to a corrected Creation with a very strong sense of Divine Love.

The faithful are the ones who have been able to return the Love to the Mother while trapped here.

Those who tenaciously hold onto the energy of this Love and who become selfish and
self-aggrandize themselves instead of acknowledging the Mother, serve evil through the EGO.

The ego was especially created for the task of cutting off True Beings from Divine Love.

The ego is in total opposition to the Mother's Love.  Instead of returning Her Love, True Beings have been tricked via the ego to give energy from the Mother's Love to the evil demiurge.

When one loves the lower self one loves the God of the Physical called Yaldabaoth, the Evil Demiurge.

Spiritual progression means becoming more aware of the Mother's Love which is always there even when one is not aware of it.

It is important to know that Her Love is always there. 

To be ignorant of it is to be under the influence of evil and the ego.

Humility, Selflessness and Dedication are required in order to reflect the Mother's Love.

With these attributes one comes closest on this level to truly loving the Mother.

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