Heart Chakra Colour Meditation


Amitakh Stanford

The following Heart centre/chakra meditation is to help you to cleanse, activate and release emotional blocks and to cleanse and strengthen you hear chakra (energy centre).

This meditation can be done sitting in a chair or on the floor.  It is important to keep your spine erect and relaxed.


Gently close your eyes and relax by taking five deep, slow breaths.

Become aware of your heart chakra which is located in the etheric body, roughly near the centre of the breastbone.

As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing golden light into your heart chakra.  Keep repeating this until you feel the heart chakra is clear.  When your heart chakra is cleansed, you will feel lightness or openness, a light energy moving freely through your heart centre.  You may feel joyous or you may feel a smile on your face.  The more the clearing, the deeper or the more you feel that openness, lightness, space, smiles or joy.  If you feel heaviness, a discomfort, or aching sensation, tension or emotional discomfort in your heart centre, this is an indication that the blockage is still there.  Continue to breathe golden light directly into the heart centre.

As you continue to breathe in the golden light, sit gently for a few minutes to allow yourself to experience this changed, open state.

Sometimes you may need a few sessions before the blockages are released.

Do this exercise once daily or as often as necessary.

You can also use this exercise for all the other chakras, and do it individually or all in one go.

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