Inner Journey


Dr. Janice Tinara Wu

                The stream flows gently from sources unseen,
                Pure, clear, it sparkles with life.
                Gathering speed as it grows and unfolds,
                Its journey, its freedom, makes everything new.

                Out of the silence, a sound so familiar,
                On the lightest of breezes it whispers, it guides.
                Listen, listen, its secrets are many,
                Overtones echo, resound in the heart.

                Delicate fragrances touch the night air,
                Hovering, drifting, invisible clouds.
                Mingling sweet scents of blossoms burst forth,
                Caressing the wings of a lone butterfly.

                Distant lights beckon, golden and bright,
                So full of promise their rich amber glow.
                The breadth of the firmament clear in its radiance,
                Warm and assuring, the path is illumined.

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