Omni #3

24th October 2003


Amitakh Stanford

There are realities that this world dimly mirrors, but most people still reject their existence.  The majority of the people in this world accept very little that goes beyond the five senses.  Most people distance themselves from those who believe in realities beyond the five physical senses because believing in the material world with its accepted beliefs and practices has become a survival mechanism, identified with being "normal", being sane and acceptable by the norm.

Individuals who are sensitive to subtle energies of various types do not need to be convinced that there are realities beyond this physical one.  The reality of subtle bodies in humans, animals and plants sounds ridiculous, crazy and impossible to those who are fixed on the five-sense physical world.

For example, the reality of the centres of consciousness (chakras) may be accepted by some, but to the majority of the people it is an absurd concept.  However, the fact remains — chakras are real — they exist and are crucial in their influence on humans and animals.

The Pinto Centre (as I named it in the 1980s) is a newly awakened centre of consciousness, which is located between the throat centre and the heart centre.  It is in the etheric body and it is fundamentally "alien" based.  It has long been there, but it had remained undiscovered, unnoticed and unawakened for the majority of people.  Now, as we are entering a time of great uncertainty, turmoil and chaos, the Pinto Centre is particularly relevant and important to us.  It is especially important to awaken the Pinto Centre at this time in order to assist us for the time ahead.

The main reason that it is critical at this time to identify and to awaken the Pinto Centre is that by doing so, we will be greatly assisted in finding the spiritual strength and the spiritual resources which will sustain and nurture us at this time and especially in the near future.  Soon, the world will be going through great changes, crises and chaos.

The Pinto Centre has a system of its own and does not form pairs in quite the same way as the original seven major centres of consciousness.  Since the Pinto Centre is newly awakened, each of you who seeks a spiritual perspective and stands on the brink of imminent change is a potential explorer of this new centre.

To some of you, such new possibilities will seem challenging and exciting, however, others may feel insecure, apprehensive or confused.  The energy of the Pinto Centre will help to sustain you and give you the tools and the strength to cope in the upcoming difficult times when terminal madness is rampant.

The new Pinto Centre needs to be identified, strengthened and awakened.  Therefore, you will need to tune into it, get to know it, and establish a good connection with it.  A special sound is given to awaken and strengthen the Pinto Centre.  As you work with the Pinto Centre you prepare yourselves for the changing times ahead.

The times ahead will see a flourishing of liars, deceivers and evildoers.  Those without the inner spiritual strength will be adversely affected by things happening in their world.  People will lie more and more and the lies will become more open and blatant.  This will cause increased anger, frustration, agitation and distrust amongst people and nations.  The Pinto Centre once awakened and strengthened can help you counter-act terminal madness, which will vastly affect the masses.

It is hoped that this Omni has motivated you to help yourself in preparing for the times ahead.  The Pinto Centre can be an effective shield against terminal madness.

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Copyright © 2003 by Amitakh Stanford