Omni #4

28th November 2003


Amitakh Stanford

The Twelve "Sisters" (whether in physical or subtle bodies and whether in male or female bodies) are now re-united in full swing to work with the Divine Mother.

Symbolically they are:


The Divine Mother is the source of their Power and Light so to speak.  The "Sisters" under the banner of the Mother are ready for action in the BIG BATTLE by November 2004.

Jesus, the Spiritual Warrior takes on a flavour of action for the Light.  It is like waveforms that will be flooding the world with its intensity of Correction —

Terminal Madness of the End Time will finally be nigh.
The weeping of Zion will begin.
Tens of thousands of horsemen will march on Golgotha and will be slain by their own sword of Vengeance and of their own doing.
Beware of the locusts that will swamp the land.
The reign of justice and purity shall prevail for the kind-hearted.  These will be spared.
Behold, true justice is nigh.
Fear not of tomorrow for tomorrow will bring liberation to the persecuted and tortured ones.

Alaska will be blown up and shall be no more.

In the process of moving to liberation from Darkness, the ones of Darkness will one by one, fall and fold up.

Do no let those with no depth in spirituality destabilize you.  They are not worth getting upset over.

Truth is often painful, but Truth is also liberating.

The negative aspect of the Celestial Error has the capacity to alter frequencies and hence qualities etc.
Time is the cause of this aspect getting caught in the "spin".
In the "realm" where this occurs, it is not an imperfection.  It is merely a part of the "movement".  When the negative aspect got caught in the "time" frequencies, its qualities were altered and it eventually became corrupted.

Negative energies are now being scattered and played out by various beings of Darkness.  Hence, there is a need for the Light beings to consolidate more and more to bring the Divine Energy to a stilling point in order to be effective.  An inaudible sound has already been released by the opposing forces which will adversely affect all consciousnesses in the physical and the astral realms.  However, the Light has counter-acted the negative effects of the inaudible sound for Light beings by activating their Pinto Centres to receive the Light of certain sounds which have been officially released en masse recently.

"Gondola-pasa-itu-ka" will assist beings of Light in maintaining energy stability.  These words when repeated as needed will bring about the desired result.

Remain calm in the Silence. Remain alert in the Light. Remain joyous in the Love of A-itu - the Eternal Flame.

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Copyright © 2003 by Amitakh Stanford