The Pinto Centre (Chakra)

(Excerpt taken from N I C O C by Amitakh Stanford © 1989)

Much has been spoken in regard to the seven major energy Centres in the etheric body linking with all the subtle bodies.  However, there is a "minor" Centre between the Throat and the Heart Centre which is now becoming increasingly important, and will become much more significant in the near future.  I have named this Centre the "Pinto" Centre.

This virtually unknown centre has hardly been taken notice of thus far. 

This Centre has its own unique colour and subordinate colours that are discussed later herein.  Much can be achieved through the proper development of this Centre.  It is a special gateway to many new experiences that I will explain in more detail in the near future. 

The combination of the link between the Pinto Centre and the 8th Centre opens a pathway to certain dimensions of the Light for True higher learning and experience.

Healing through the link between these two Centres and the Heart Centre gives the greater power of True healing right through all layers of the subtle bodies. 

This new knowledge of healing is being made available to very few at this time because the majority of people are not sufficiently prepared.

However, in the near future, certain people will be trained and guided to use the knowledge and more people will be able to share in this knowledge of healing to assist them in healing and in the process of returning to Purity.

Such healing will greatly assist those beings who have been badly spiritually "injured" in this dimension, and this includes even the very "high beings".

Although most people are not ready to use the new knowledge, many will benefit from doing certain simple exercises which will be taught in the future.

The spreading of misinformation about this Centre, whether done intentionally or otherwise, can cause others to misuse this Centre, which can be detrimental to their physical and spiritual well being.  Therefore, one has to be very responsible with regard to this information, and keep it from being corrupted.  This is the reason why I have not given out information on the Pinto Centre in detail to this point.  However, I will be teaching and training others about correct utilization of this Centre when the time is right.

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