Port Arthur Massacre Revisited


Amitakh Stanford

In September of 2002, Steffan and I went to Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, the historical site of one of Australia's most brutal penal settlements.  It is also the site of the Port Arthur Massacre, which occurred on 28 April 1996, which is now one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Tasmania.

We were impressed to go there.  When we arrived at the destination, we parked our car at the car park just a short distance from the kiosk and the information centre.  It was a glorious day, and a crowd of tourists were already at the site.  However, both of us were feeling a little bit queasy as we drove up to the site.

As I got out of the car, I was quite unexpectedly hit with a wave of horrific emotions.  I felt terribly sick with a sense of panic coupled with sensing terror and great sadness and pain.  Without warning, I felt myself being caught in a barrage of gunshots amidst agonizing screams and crying.  I heard voices of people screaming in terror, agony, pain, rage, panic, confusion and violence.  It was chaotic as screams were coming from every direction.  I felt weak and nauseated as I relived the horrific massacre at Port Arthur.  My head was spinning as I struggled towards the information centre, but I had to physically bend down because I felt as though I had been wounded by gunshots; I felt the pain on my right foot and a pain in my chest.

I turned towards Steffan, who had been attempting to take a photograph of the place, but I could see him grasping his side and wincing.  He later told me that he had felt as though he was shot in the side of his abdomen.  I could see that he was having a great deal of trouble also.

Suddenly, I was distracted by a scene playing before me that was so real that I actually thought that I was a part of it:

In front of me were people who huddled together.  Some were crying, others were running frantically, and a little girl screamed.  A moment later, she was shot.  One woman was shot in the head and blood covered her body.  There were gunshots coming from every direction, as there were many shooters.  Bodies were strewn about everywhere.  I saw several gunmen, not just one.  The media has reported that the entire massacre was executed by a lone gunman, which is a common cover story for many horrendous acts in this world.

As the scene continued, I saw a man with long, blonde hair shooting at someone.  Even though he looked like the official description of the "lone gunman" who was charged with the massacre, I just knew that this person was an impersonator wearing a disguise so he would look like the person who was later charged with the massacre.  I could also see the people responsible for the shootings.  The culprits were professional killers, hired to murder at will that fateful day in Port Arthur.  It was shown to me that it was a pre-meditated massacre of the many innocent people who died on that awful day.

As I watched, I was very disturbed by the brutality and evilness of those behind this horrific event.  Such evil demons will do anything to innocent people in order to get what they want.  It left me sick, disgusted and angry.  The aftermath of the massacre was one of gloom and doom.  The real culprits got away Scot-free; the vicious truth behind the accepted story of that horrific massacre was never made available to the public.

While the scene was still playing, Steffan called out to me, "Let's get out of here!" This brought me out of the state of reliving that horrible event.  We both struggled to get back to the car and both of us were quite ill, nauseated, giddy and weak.  Walking was extremely difficult.  We finally reached our car and we drove away as quickly as we could.  We only began to re?cooperate after we had driven about 20 kilometres from the site. 

What had occurred was that we had gone through an energy vortex with all the imprints of the horrendous event.  This is usually caused by a highly charged situation with a highly concentrated vortex of intense emotional feelings, most often of a negative nature, such as grief, terror, rage, violence, fear, suffering and/or pain.  Such a powerful energy vortex of intense feelings becomes self-sustaining and can remain in the specific highly charged area for a long time, acting like some sort of time warp.  This one is over six years old.  Not everyone who visits Port Arthur will experience this time warp — it had a lot to do with timing, sensitivity and conditions.

We had both obviously and accidentally walked into this "time warp" which was left behind by a massive energy vortex imprinted with all the warped emotional scenes and reactions from that dreadful day at Port Arthur.  I was at once a victim and an observer into the past.  From the point of view of those who were there on the day of the massacre, I was an observer from the future.  To this day, I can still see the terror stricken faces of men, women and children caught in the crossfire of the gunmen at Port Arthur.  One of the victims stared at me and called out for help as though she could actually see me at the massacre.

There are many places in the world affected by such emotional energy vortices.  The impact of this particular warped energy vortex was so deep and so real that it could be hard for me to ever forget that event.  Places too can have warped energy vortices which can suck energy out of those who come into contact with them.

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