Amitakh Stanford

Purification has been a practice, ritual, religious, social and spiritual concept since the dawn of humankind.  Purification is expressed on many levels.  The concept of suffering as purification is as absurd, cruel, ignorant and evil as suffering itself. 

There are those who believe that there is no punishment and no judgment for the "soul", and that each "soul" passes through several lives in order to experience matter and to learn new lessons.  Such ones believe that because 'matter is dense and corruptive, purification is necessary in the measure in which the soul corrupts itself'.

Others state that purification has to take place so that one's "soul" can advance on one's evolutionary path.  Another canard is that all "souls" must be purified through sorrow and self-discipline in the course of many existences.  Thus, according to them, sorrow and self-sacrifice are extremely important lessons and as long as one rejects them, one rejects purification.  All these false teachings are ways of entrapping beings into believing that unless they suffer their "souls" cannot be purified.  Many have suffered mental anguish and physical pain because they have been tormented by these false beliefs.

Suffering causes a loss of energy on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  If suffering were needed for purification, then it would be "God's" plan for such purification to be designed for "souls" to experience and go through for the purpose of "soul" advancement.  If that were so, then all those who contribute to the suffering of others would actually be Divine agents, assisting in the evolutionary plan through purification via suffering and self-sacrifice.  In that case, no one would have done anyone any wrong and thus no one should be punished or made accountable for his/her actions.  Yet, according to the evil Cosmic Law of this evil creation, the need for purification is precisely the cause which inflicts suffering upon others. 

Why would "God" create matter in order for His creation to experience matter and then impose purification as a measure in overcoming the temptations of matter?  A "God" who purposely set up insurmountable and impossible tasks to test His/Her creation is a sick, evil creator.  The purpose of suffering according to the evil Controller is to extract energy from beings (like a generator generating power for the planet).  People must wake up to such lies and not be fooled or threatened by them.  That all "souls" are required to undergo incarnations in their quest for spiritual purification is false. 

People are being threatened by the belief that failure to learn any one lesson may require the "soul" to re-live similar existences many times until that particular lesson has been completely assimilated — this belief is absolutely absurd and very cruel. 

True Purification of a being in this physical realm requires one to remove oneself as much as possible and practical from entrapments and pollution which affect his/her spiritual body and also to strengthen his/her Divine Will until the Glorious Day of Deliverance is nigh. 

As these physical and etheric dimensions are fracturing more and more, people will be affected by the conditions of fracturing.  This will be especially true regarding mental experiences, capabilities and functions.  The harbouring of negative energies and the focusing upon negative thoughts will certainly deplete and destabilize people.  One can swiftly be swept away on the mental plane by another's negative influence, often causing the victim to feel "lost", "disconnected" and "destabilized".  This is not the same as the situation when a being has temporarily "gone away" for a little while.  Each of us needs to put forth great effort to help ourselves, especially in stabilizing our mental state of well-being. 

If there is a need for purification of the "soul", it is only because of our existence in the evil realm.  Purification of our Divine Spirit is necessary because it has been severely polluted and contaminated by Matter (Evil).  The separation of Matter from Spirit is necessary so that the Spirit can be liberated from Darkness.

May all Light beings be purified by the Divine Love, Light and Power.

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