The Attempted Abduction of Tronto


Amitakh Stanford

At Alukar Heights, we have spotted a large number of strange-appearing lights and observed many odd events in the sky.  The most recent sighting occurred in February 2003, when, low in the north-eastern sky, a huge, bright, rectangular-shaped, yellow-to-golden coloured light appeared that was longer than the moon's breadth, and about one-fourth the moon's height.  The rectangular-shaped object was considerably brighter than the moon, and it remained stationary in the sky for several minutes before suddenly disappearing without a trace while we were watching it.  We have seen a pair of spacecrafts shooting at one another — one of them wobbled a bit before appearing to crash, then explode in the horizon.  Another time we watched a craft zig-zag across the sky in delicate and swooping patterns.  We have seen them direct beams of light at our dogs which caused them to bark in annoyance.  There had been frequent sightings from Alukar Heights.

On many occasions, our pets have let us know if there is something going on.  Many of our dogs are quite sensitive to weird lights and other alien activities, and often they are the first to alert us of unusual events in the sky.  The following was one such incident. 

It was a fine, crisp evening on the 9th of August 2001.  Steffan and I had just finished dinner.  Suddenly, all the dogs started barking furiously and I knew something was amiss.  I ran up to where the commotion was loudest, with Steffan following a few minutes behind as something else needed immediate attention.

As I approached Tronto's enclosure, I looked to the west and saw a row of lights that resembled the bottom of a bell (or the shape of a quarter moon) over the horse pasture on our property, within a hundred metres of the house.  My first thought was that the lights were from a motel, but instantly I said to myself, "Wait a minute.  There is no motel or any building on that part of our property!" It was then that I realized it was a spacecraft.  It looked like a well-lit house silently hovering over the pasture.  Sprays of white light began shooting sideways and underneath the craft, but, even then, there was no noise.  The dogs were still barking like mad, and with each shot of light from the craft, they barked even more frantically.

For many reasons, it became obvious to me that the craft had come to abduct Tronto, our Rottweiler.  In full battle mode, I stood by Tronto's gate and surrounded him with a protective light, and mentally warned the occupants of the craft that they could not have him or any of our pets.  I also telepathically called for assistance from our side, and expected a response from a rescue craft.  At this point, the lights from the invading craft suddenly went out — the menacing craft was gone.

I quickly rushed to the top house to check on all the other little animals, going from room to room to make sure they were okay and that everything was fine.  On my way to the garage I passed the living room.  Everything seemed normal in the living room, as in all the other rooms I had just gone through, but, when I looked again on returning from the garage, to my surprise there was a black rubbish bag lying on the living- room floor.  It had not been there moments before.  Where could it have come from?  There was no one around except the pets and me.

Out of curiosity, I opened the bag to see what was inside.  Looking in, I recognized the garbage that the council rubbish collectors had picked up the week before and taken to the council tip, which is about 10 kilometres from our home.  "What kind of sick joke is this?" I asked myself.  Obviously, it was a very childish and sick joke carried out by those annoying aliens.  How one of our garbage bags from the council tip was accurately identified and dumped into our living room shortly after the craft disappeared is still quite a mystery.  Apart from trying to abduct one of our pets, it appears that the evil aliens found a hobby identifying and distributing our garbage also!

Steffan ran to the top house soon after all this commotion had subsided.  He was quite excited.  Before I could tell him what I had seen, he asked, "Did you see the UFO?" I said I had.  He exclaimed that Angie was barking vociferously at the sky in the direction of the craft he had seen in the southern sky.  He continued to recount that he had watched as a craft darted about in the sky.

I then told him of all that I had seen, and we had a bit of a laugh, realizing that we had seen very different crafts, although all of the activity was probably interconnected.  It could well have been he had seen the rescue craft from our side that frightened away the invading craft.  This was truly a close encounter.

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