War of Essences


Amitakh Stanford

It is now time to reveal more about the War of Essences, however, this is still an extremely simplified explanation so that the physical mind can comprehend it to some extent.

The war between Light and Darkness was started by Darkness when It invaded the Light.  Many beings of Light have been encased in Evil as a result of the unprovoked invasion of the Light by Darkness.

This all commenced when the Celestial Error occurred.  The Error refused Divine Correction and separated Itself from the Mother and wanted to form Its own Mock Creation.  The Error eventually evolved into a horrible monster that refused the Mother's Love.  Thereafter, the Error formed Its own Mock Creation.

After the Celestial Error, the Mother continued to pour Her Love into the Error hoping to retrieve and correct the Error.  As long as the Mother poured Her Love into the Error while going deeper and deeper into the Error, the Error gained power.  As the Error gained power, It became more and more arrogant and deluded.  Ultimately, It began to think that It was the Ultimate and that It was self-sustaining.  However, It will cease to exist when the Mother's energy is totally withdrawn from It.

The Mother would not cut off the Divine Energy totally from the Error because many particles of Light had already been encased in Evil for a long period of time.  Some of these Light beings were kidnapped and imprisoned; others were lured into traps including the frequencies of Time which were created by the Error and etc.

Many of the beings of Light have been trapped in animal bodies on the Earth.  That is the reason that so much effort is being poured into class III beings, especially at this time — there has already been an evacuation of most of the class IV beings.

In this sector of Creation the Error is now being represented by the Demiurge or the Anti-Christ Energy.  This energy grew darker and darker as it withdrew from the Mother.  Now, It is very far removed from the Light.

When the Mother stopped pouring Her Energy into the Anti-Christ Energy, Darkness began stealing energy from Light beings that It has imprisoned and it began desperately looking for other sources of Divine Energy.

Evil is very foreign to Purity, therefore Light beings were/are so na´ve that they were/are easy targets for Darkness.  Purity thought that eventually Divine Love would win back the Error.

After many attempts to win back Darkness and to retrieve the imprisoned Light particles, the Mother concluded that Darkness cannot respond to Love nor be a part of the Divine Creation.

After this conclusion was made, the "war" (as perceived by Darkness) truly commenced.  In fact, the Mother is not interested in wars or battles, but is only interested in retrieving the imprisoned Light particles (beings) without harming any of them.  In one sense, Darkness has held all of these Light beings as ransom.

The Mother formulated a plan that is quite confusing as it unfolds here.  It is intentionally that way so that the plan cannot be discovered.  Beings of Light are confused as to who is who.  Likewise, the beings of Darkness are uncertain who is who, and have great difficulty in identifying the beings of Light who are working incognito among them.

Ultimately, the Mother projected Herself and brought about the formation of twelve parts and called them "Sisters".  The Twelve Sisters, for lack of a better word, could be called the "Son" energy, however, these are just terms and are not to be taken literally.  Each of the Twelve Sisters has many projections.  (Today, most of the main parts of the Twelve Sisters reside in ordinary human male bodies.) The Sisters were sent out to work throughout all the contaminated creation amongst all classes of consciousness which Evil had trapped and imprisoned.  They are protectors of the Mother's Creation who also assist the Mother in sustaining the Light particles that have been imprisoned by Darkness, and will continue to do this until the Correction Process is completed.

One of the Sisters was assigned the dangerous task of intentionally entering into the darkest recesses of Evil, the Evil Mind of the Error.  The Error took the bait as It perceived it would be a golden opportunity of acquiring a never-ending source of Divine Energy supply by imprisoning this particular Sister who acts like a direct conduit to the Mother.  The Mother knew that there was a risk to send out one of Her Sisters in this manner, but was prepared to take that risk as it was the best plan available.

The Evil Mind greedily used Its Own Main Part to graft Itself onto the Sister.  This allowed the Mother to always be able to follow and keep track of the Evil Mind controlling this sector of the Mock Creation.  In the Revelation of John the Divine, there is a corrupted version of the truth when it says that the Devil will be bound for a thousand years and then will be set free to run amok. The truth is that the Devil was bound when It seized the Sister.  The Devil (the Demiurge) is unable to fully express evil so long as it is attached to the Sister.  That is the price the Devil pays for the energy source, and that is the sacrifice that the Mother makes for all Light beings.  When the Sister is separated from the Devil the Demiurge will once again express absolute evil.

The Mother always "incarnates" and follows this Sister about whenever the Evil Mind takes on a physical "incarnation".  This "grafting" to the Sister by the Evil Mind also limited the Evil Mind's ability to express evil and to expand Its Evil Empire.  However, the Absolute Mother will always reside in the Pure Realm to make sure that She can always retrieve Her parts and projections in case of any misadventures.

In order to implement this Plan, the Sister was required to allow herself to be caught in the spin of lower frequencies of Time created by Evil.  This process has the capacity and propensity to alter the frequencies of Light beings and further trap them.  Once trapped, it is more difficult for them to express their Divine qualities.  Once the Divine qualities are suppressed, the Light beings can even appear to be evil.

The Plan is to eventually extract the Sister, which will markedly weaken the Evil Mind that has encased the Sister.  Once the Evil Mind obtained access to this seemingly unending power supply from the Sister, It began expanding beyond Its means.  Today, It is stretched very thin and is barely able to maintain Its realm.  The Sister will be "rescued" from the Evil Mind very, very soon. When this occurs, the confrontation of the Mother with the Anti-Christ Energy will commence in full swing.

The Mother/Father God has come very close to extracting the Sister on many occasions, but each time the Evil Mind killed the physical body of the host before the extraction was far enough along to succeed.  Many attempts have been made on this Sister's life in "her" present "incarnation" but all were in vain.  Finally, the Sister will be separated from the Demiurge once and for all because Evil is now collapsing due to the Mother's reduction of Her Divine Energy that is poured into this realm.  Also, the Light energy from those who have already been successfully evacuated from this realm is no longer available for the Demiurge to use and abuse to sustain Itself.

Because of this severe energy shortage, Evil in this sector of Creation is in total chaos and the Evil Mind no longer can control Its own Evil Mess. Terminal Madness will soon be at its zenith.

In the final battle, the Mother (the Christ Energy) will confront the Anti-Christ Energy.  Before this occurs, the Sister will be retrieved safely by permanently separating the Evil that has seized upon her.  This operation is extremely delicate.

The separation is now near completion.  Once the Sister is "rescued" and re-united with all of her Sisters (her Parts), she will be retrieved into the Mother.  Together, these beings will form the Energy represented by the Mother/Father/Son Energy which will be the New Ultimate Being. The New Ultimate Being will then vanquish the Anti-Christ.

Once the True beings are removed from this Evil Domain, the BEN-DA-KO will begin.

Remain inwardly steady and calm.  The time is drawing very close; Liberation from Darkness is nigh.

Rejoice in knowing that:

"I will soon gather all that are mine."

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Copyright © 2004 by Amitakh Stanford and AHSAF