Haidakhan Babaji's Words of Wisdom


Haidakhan Babaji

(During Babaji's visit on this plane from 1991-1993)

Bhole Baba Ki Jai.


Most people live on the surface of their being, exposed to the touch of external influences.  And when they meet some unpleasant being behaving just like the way they behave, they become extremely upset.

The problem here arises out of their not being used to stepping back.

You must always step back into yourself.  This means that you must learn to go deep within.

Why allow yourself to be influenced by superficial forces of the external world?

Even if you are in a hurry to do something, step back for a while.

You will be surprised how much sooner and easier you can accomplish your work with greater success.

If someone is angry with you, do not be caught in his or her vibrations.  Simply step back and his or her anger, finding no support or feedback, will dissolve.

Always keep your peace within.

Resist all temptation to lose it.

Learn to go within before you speak.

LEARN TO STEP BACK before you make a decision.

All that which belongs to the material world is temporary and useless, so there is really nothing worth getting upset about.

That which is lasting, eternal and infinite is indeed worth having, worth striving for, worth attaining.

Divine LIGHT,

Divine LOVE,

Divine LIFE

are worth attaining as are Supreme Peace, Ananda and mastery over this evil dimension.

Practise INNER PEACE so that when you call on the Divine Force, and as you await an answer, you will know exactly what to do.

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